Soaked in the Love of Jesus
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Apart from her conscious notice, moved by the Spirit, Mary created a portrait of the Cross. She filled the air with fragrance, just as Jesus filled the cosmos with a "sweetsmelling savour" (Ephesians 5:2, KJV). She "wasted" her treasure, as Jesus "wasted" His blood on millions who would never yield to its power. She stood in the midst of scorn, just as Jesus, even while He shed the blood that gave them breath, heard His blood-bought children use that breath to curse Him.

A week after Simon's feast, the sweat from the Crucifixion exhumed the last of the spikenard from Jesus' pores. Hanging there, disoriented, traumatized, and broken, He may have smelled the fragrance and remembered the love of one who "got" Him, who absorbed His love, and then poured it back.

Make sure whatever your pain, whatever your losses, whatever your complicated mess, your life is soaked in the love of Jesus and then poured out again.

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